The Inventor

Jerry Reeves invented the Chi-Builder in 2008

When Real Estate began taking its tumble in 2007, professional structural engineer Jerry Reeves was just one of the homebuilders in America left with little to do but let the chips fall. The months began passing and there was no sign the downturn would slow anytime soon, so he began the process of reinventing himself and his company. Jerry enrolled himself in a Classical Feng Shui program out of San Francisco and took the intensive 9-month course with his youngest daughter, Kaitlin. It was there that the seed of the Chi-Builder was planted. Jerry graduated that program a very different man than he had entered, with a whole new way of seeing the world. He had discovered the qualities of chi (energy, life-force, prana, etc.), and how the ancient Chinese, among many other cultures, understand that all disease and dysfunction in the body, mind or spirit represents blocked or stagnant chi. Jerry applied this knowledge to his interest in natural health and truly green building, making the initial discoveries upon which the Chi-Builder concept is based. For the next year he focussed on developing the Chi-Builder with his daughter, relying on the principles they learned in Feng Shui school, scientific research and the ideologies of cutting edge alternative health practitioners, all the while discovering the benefits of the Chi-Builder through first hand experience, dropping 40 pounds and feeling better than he’s ever felt before.